Drivers heading for MOT test in next 12 months can land £54 bank account boost

Drivers have been told they can make sure they're only spending £54 for an MOT test - and eradicating any additional costs - by taking action ahead of their annual trip to the garage. Brits can beat MOT price fears through a "money saving" alternative, they have been told by a car expert amid the ongoing Cost of Living crisis.

The AA explains: "The maximum fee that a garage can legally charge for a car's MOT is £54.85, with no extra VAT on top. Some MOT test centres might charge less than the maximum fee – with Smart Care you can get an MOT for £49.99 (£39.99 if you're an AA member).

"Don't be tempted to skip a due MOT – you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving without a valid MOT certificate, and this would invalidate your car insurance too." But Arjang Salehi, category lead for vehicle parts and accessories at eBay UK, has spoken out.

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Salehi said: “According to eBay research, 45 per cent of motorists dread the prospect of an MOT more than going to the dentist (34 per cent), and this anxiety is caused by fear of the unknown. What’s the garage going to find, and how much is it going to cost to put it right – those are the biggest fears.”

Salehi added: “At eBay, we have all the items a driver might need to fix MOT advisories, and it’s our goal to make that process as easy as possible with the My Garage function, which helps motorists find the right item for their car, and our Assured Fit promise, which offers free returns if a part doesn’t fit."

Hannah Gordon, eBay UK’s expert mechanic, said: “Often, minor faults such as frayed windscreen wipers can be easily replaced, and by searching on eBay UK, you can save time and money by sourcing and fitting the parts yourself.”

Daniel Meeghan, UK Country Manager of car diagnostic scanner Carly, urged struggling road users not to “bury their head in the sand” when fees get too high.