Drivers are only just discovering what this car feature does and are calling it 'life changing'

Motorist may not be aware of this simple but effective feature
Motorist may not be aware of this simple but effective feature -Credit:Getty

Many of us are familiar with the controls and features inside our cars but their may be a few buttons and additions that cause confusion. As cars have developed and improved over the years, so too has the interior.

However some drivers are only just discovering what one common feature inside cars does - and it's been a staple for years. Motorists are also finding out at the perfect time given the onset of summer and they've called the discovery "life-changing", reports

TikTok influencers have revealed the sun's rays can be blocked out when driving using the sun visor located above the steering wheel. In addition, the visor can also be twisted around to block the sun from entering through the side window.

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While most road users while be familiar with sun visors, they may not be aware of the latter feature, which comes in handy if the angle of the sun changes while driving. This could be a vital tip for road users who could unwittingly break driving laws by becoming dazzled by bright sunlight while behind the wheel.

TikTok user @drivingtestsuccess revealed the hack last summer as they urged road users to give it a go. They explained: “Do you know about this summer hack? You can also use your sun visor to block out the sun from your side window. Happy driving.”

Meanwhile, TikTok influencer @stephanieboothrealtor previously showed off the tip to her influencers. She explained: “Did you know your sun visor can do this? Now extend it out.”

Keen to try it out on a range of cars available on British roads, motoring specialists @AutoExport showed motorists how the tool could work in their own vehicles. They commented: “Really let's go and test it out. In a Range Rover, it looks like it doesn't slide out but it does have two.

“Mercedes E300 also doesn’t seem to have it and the Maybach has it all. It has the soldier on the side and one at the front. So not all cars have it but some can.”

Social media users quickly jumped on the comments section with one describing the tip as “life-changing”. Others also decided to flag other vehicles which were compatible with the simple hack. Vehicles mentioned by social media users include popular vehicles such as the Tesla Model S and Ford Mondeo models.

@lishamarieee94 commented: “TikTok has changed my life.” However, many motorists suggested they had run into issues by trying it in their own cars. @woopwoopuk added: “Multiple cars do but not all cars." @ahmarc32 reacted: “Mine cracked trying that.”

@_si_al_thi_ posted: “I snapped mine in my BMW G32 and it cost me £257!” @willow.3d added: “My sun visor does not slide out like that.” Drivers who fail to protect themselves from the sun could be issued a £1,000 fine and up to three penalty points on their driving licence.

Rule 237 of the Highway Code makes clear that motorists should take action if they feel their driving is being affected. It states: “If you are dazzled by bright sunlight, slow down and if necessary, stop.”