Drivers told to wash cars after 5pm in summer to avoid damage

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Motorists have been given a heads-up not to wash their cars at certain times to avoid "streaking" and "marks" on their vehicles. Stoner Car Care has dished out some savvy advice for drivers looking to keep their motors spick and span during the summer months as July rolls on.

The firm advised: "Of course, summer often brings weeks-long stretches of heat, so finding a cool day to wash may be easier said than done. In that case, plan to wash in the early morning. During the morning hours, sunlight and UV rays are less intense. Similarly, afternoons between 5pm and sundown are also well-suited for detailing.

"Washing after sundown sounds ideal, but we recommend avoiding cleaning after sunset for several reasons. For one, the lack of light makes it difficult to clean thoroughly. Dirt is less visible at night. Also, it may be difficult to thoroughly dry your car's surface without the warmth of daytime. A damp vehicle may encourage corrosion. In addition, a damp car may also become a magnet of bugs, as insects often stick to wet surfaces."

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They added: "Always avoid cleaning your car in direct sunlight. The sun dries water quickly and leads to soap drying on your car's surface before the cleansers break down dirt. Also, rapid drying creates streaking and leaves watermarks.

"To optimise your cleaning process, seek partial shade. Indoor areas with ample lighting provide ideal conditions for detailing car exteriors; however, any outside area with shade - such as under a tree or an overhang - suffices."