Drivers urged to fill up car when tank is 'quarter full not empty'

-Credit:Pete Stonier / Stoke Sentinel
-Credit:Pete Stonier / Stoke Sentinel

Drivers who fill up at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, BP, Texaco, Shell and other petrol stations have been urged to fill up their cars when the tank is 'quarter full not empty'. Mechanic Scotty Kilmer is urging motorists to avoid a common fuelling error that could damage an essential component found in nearly every vehicle.

He has sounded the alarm for owners of petrol and diesel vehicles, cautioning them against a refuelling blunder that could have serious repercussions, reports Birmingham Live.

"Today I'm going to tell you why you don't want to drive your car with the fuel gauge all the way down to E," he advised. "Because in most modern cars the fuel pump is hiding inside the gas tank. The pump pumps the gasoline and believe it or not the gasoline is the lubricant that lubricates the bearings inside this pump.

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"So if you actually run out of gas then this baby sucks air, the bearings will burn out because air does not lubricate them. So if you want to be smart, treat quarter as empty. So they have a quarter of the tank, fill it up then. Your car will last as long as mine, 220,000 miles and still has the original fuel pump."

In response, one driver confirmed: "Yep this is true I had to do my fuel pump because I kept pushing it to empty."

Another added: "Plus the gunk at the bottom of the tank will travel through your engine on empty."

A third chimed in: "I have been doing that for years was told many years ago 1/4 is empty so don't pick any junk sitting at the bottom."

Another concurred, adding: "Not only lubricates the pump. It also aids in dissipating heat from the pump while running submerged in the fuel as well."

"I do not have a baby sucking air in my gas tank so I shouldn't have a problem," one motorist quipped. Meanwhile, another advised: "If anything you should be running it down to 1/4 and topping it up to 1/2 if that's what you're used to using."

"That way you're not using up more fuel carrying around all that extra weight of a 1/2 tank that you never use. Also there's less fuel in the tank to go stale. Run your tank down to a 1/4 then fill it."

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