Drivers warned speed cameras can catch them 'no matter direction they're travelling in'

Commonly-accepted speed camera myths have been busted by a former police officer. The ex-copper has discussed drivers and motorists believing a string of speed camera myths, which are all too commonly accepted by road users up and down the country.

Former police officer Gareth Thomas told the Sun newspaper camera operators DON’T have to be seen - despite rumours to the contrary. He said: "Legally, we don't have to be visible. I could camouflage myself if I wanted to, but it's all about being fair, education and preventing an accident."

He also said it is NOT illegal to eat behind the wheel but also warned motorists and drivers if you get distracted, cops can get you for careless driving. He said that drivers who are "driving without due care and attention" and "riding on the cats' eyes in the centre of the road" face fines.

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And Gareth also shot down the 'ten per cent' myth, which suggests motorists can escape fines and penalties if they are ten per cent over the limit. And Gareth also warned it doesn't matter if you're driving towards or away from a speed camera.

Gareth said: "If you're exceeding the speed limit - whether you're driving in the same or opposite direction to the van - you can expect a speeding ticket." He also saidthat despite it being an offence under the Police Act to "wilfully obstruct a constable in the execution of his/her duty", he isn't 'bothered' about motorists doing so.

He explained: "I just want to educate people and the van to act as a speed deterrent." He also shot down rumours and myths that speeding fines and traffic penalties are merely a money-making exercise for local authorities and police forces.

Gareth added that operators are "just here to catch people who are speeding".