New driving law means every new car will be fitted with speed limiter from July

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Cars on a motorway -Credit:Ben Birchall/PA Wire

From July 2024, all new cars in the UK will be required to have speed limiters installed, a move that is set to revolutionise driving habits. The law mandates the implementation of Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology.

This technology restricts a car's speed to the national limit of 70mph. Motor Match, a UK-based firm, has commented on the upcoming changes, noting that they will significantly alter driver behaviour and road use, reports Stoke on Trent Live..

A spokesperson from Motor Match remarked: "The new rules, set to take effect in July, introduce 'mandatory' speed limiters, changing how we drive on roads."

Under the new regulations, every vehicle displayed in showrooms from July 2024 must be equipped with ISA. This tech will automatically ensure compliance with speed limits.

For instance, ISA will prevent vehicles from exceeding the 70mph national speed limit. The spokesperson added: "It's important to note that while speed limiters are already present in many cars, the upcoming regulations tighten control," as reported by Birmingham Live.

They further highlighted the importance of these updates for road safety, stating: "Showing support for the introduction of mandatory speed limiters is key in supporting safer roads."

They also shared some stark figures to underline their point: "Last year, police records showed that exceeding the speed limit was a contributory factor in 20 per cent of deaths on the road. Furthermore, travelling too fast or exceeding the speed limit contributed to 25 per cent of deaths."

"Speed limits are set for a reason, and it's illegal to ignore them."

The upcoming rule change will affect not only new vehicles but also those already manufactured and awaiting sale, necessitating retrofits to meet the new standards.

The regulation is set to be enforced from July 7. Although drivers can switch off the speed limiters, they will be re-engaged automatically once the vehicle is restarted.

Motorists in the UK are advised to prepare for this significant update, as the law applies to all cars sold in Europe, including non-EU countries like the UK.