New driving laws for May 2024 including ULEZ, e-scooters and parking charges

Driving laws are being introduced in May
Driving laws are being introduced in May -Credit:Peter Cade

Multiple new driving laws will come into effect this month, impacting drivers across the country. These changes will begin on May 1 and continue throughout the month.

These changes mark a significant shake-up in road regulations depending on where you are driving. They range from parking charges and e-scooters to clean air charges and elections.

The London Mayor election will be a key point of discussion for drivers, with the future of ULEZ hinging on the outcome. Londoners will cast their votes on Thursday, May 2, with ULEZ unsurprisingly emerging as one of the main topics in the run-up to the election.

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Sadiq Khan has consistently dismissed the idea of introducing a pay-per-mile system, while Green Party candidates have warned they would immediately consult on this if they win, reports Birmingham Live.

Here are the six new driving laws that will be coming into effect across the country this month.

Car insurance

On insurance matters, The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has launched its new 'Premium Finance Principles' report aimed at reducing car insurance costs for motorists. Outlined in the report are five objectives for car insurance providers to meet as part of efforts to address soaring costs.

When presenting costs for paying monthly instalments, insurers should provide a clear comparison between total annual cost and total monthly cost. Insurance companies should also release updated, easily understandable information on their common or average premium finance charges.

Insurance firms need to consider that many customers can't afford to pay for their insurance upfront. Therefore, additional costs for paying monthly instalments may hit those who are least financially prepared the hardest.

Insurers are being urged to ensure that costs associated with monthly instalments represent fair value. They should make sure that charges are reasonable, relative to the costs of providing premium finance for monthly payments.

Furthermore, insurers must regularly review the cost to customers of premium finance, using suitable information or data to ensure any charges remain appropriate.

E-scooter trials

The government's electric scooter trials have been extended once again until May 31, with no new vehicle requirements needed for the regulations. The trial began in October 2020 and has now been extended to May 31, 2024, following advice from the Department for Transport.


In London, a number of transport policies will play a big role in the upcoming Mayoral election. Sadiq Khan, aiming for re-election, points out in his manifesto that central London has seen a nearly half reduction in toxic air pollution during his tenure.

He said: "By reducing toxic air pollution by nearly half in central London, and planting more than half a million trees, we've become a beacon of environmental and climate progress the world over."

Conservative hopeful Susan Hall promises to eliminate last August's expanded ULEZ scheme right off the bat if she wins. Echoing her sentiment, but going even further, Reform UK candidate Howard Cox reveals he'll drop the whole scheme should he triumph in the polls next week.

Parking charges

People driving in West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Country Park near Nottingham can expect a slight increase in parking fees starting from May. Those grabbing a space for less than two hours will find a small 20p hike on their parking tickets.

The all-day rate of £1 at Rushcliffe Country Park will be abolished with a new fee structure. That will be £1.50 for up to three hours or £3 for longer stays coming into play.

Low emission zones

In Dundee, the city will start enforcing its Low Emission Zone from May 30. This will mark the end to a two-year grace period intended to give locals ample time to switch to compliant vehicles, thereby dodging fines.

This comes despite the emissions scheme having been initially launched in May 2022. The sweeping changes will come into effect at the end of the month, imposing charges on all non-exempt vehicle types within the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Heather Anderson, convener of the city council's climate, environment and biodiversity committee expressed that: "This is a major change in the way people will access areas of the city within the Inner Ring Road, but we must remember that only the worst polluting vehicles will be excluded and there is still time for people to make changes before enforcement starts."

Parking in North Wales

Drivers stopping at Colwyn Bay Promenade in Wales will have to pay an additional £1 for parking fees. Starting May 29, over four hours parking time is going to levy costs above £7.50.

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