Drone Footage Shows Australian Homes Close to Collapse Due To Coastal Erosion

Residents of beachfront homes in Wamberal on Australia’s Central Coast began to move belongings from their properties on July 20, according to reports as an erosion crisis threatened to collapse houses close to the shoreline.

This footage, recorded by UNSW Water Research Laboratory’s Chris Drummond, shows the damage caused by a coastal storm.

News.com.au reported that two houses had partially collapsed and that encroaching swells were eroding other houses’ foundations along the Central Coast. Eighteen at-risk homes were to be evacuated “indefinitely” on July 20, reports said.

Wamberal residents told local media they were upset that the Central Coast Council had not built a sea wall to combat the erosion and protect their property. Credit: UNSW Water Research Laboratory/Chris Drummond via Storyful