Drone Pilot Captures 'Breathtaking' Avalanche on Vancouver Island

A drone pilot captured footage of an avalanche at Nahmint Mountain on Canada’s Vancouver Island on Tuesday, May 2.

The footage by pilot Mactac shows the moment the snow avalanched down the mountain. Mactac told Storyful he was packing up his drone gear when he noticed the snow beginning to fall.

“I scrambled to get the drone in the air as fast as I could, just in time to catch a huge amount of snow hitting the base of the mountain,” Mactac said. “It was breathtaking and scary at the same time – even from over a kilometre away, the sound was huge. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a view of an avalanche just meters above the snow.”

Avalanche Canada issued a ‘considerable’ avalanche warning across Vancouver Island on Tuesday.

Non-profit group British Colombia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) shared Mactac’s video to their social media, highlighting the concerns of spring avalanches.

Dwight Yochim of BCSARA told local media the drone video demonstrated a “unique perspective to see the power of an avalanche and the damage it can do.”

“That kind of avalanche is bone-breaking, dangerous stuff,” Yochim told CTV News. “This time of year the snow is just like flowing, wet cement. It would not be pleasant to be in it.” Credit: Mactac via Storyful

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