Drugs seized as police 'search passengers' in train station sting

Police seized drugs during an operation at a busy train station. The sting in Crewe saw 15 individuals searched.

Meanwhile Cheshire Police set up an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera on Nantwich Road to stop cars linked to drugs. Neighbourhood officers in the town say Monday's operation was aimed at targeting dealers looking to utilise the rail network.

The sting also saw two 'passive drug detection' dogs brought in. The operation comes as forces across the country continue to tackle 'county lines' where dealers look to set up in other towns and cities - and use vulnerable residents to peddle drugs.

A spokesman for the team in Crewe said: "On Monday, Crewe Beat Management Unit conducted a joint operation with two passive drug detection dogs at Crewe Train Station. We also utilised a mobile automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera to help officers identify vehicles linked to drug use / drug supply heading towards Crewe Train Station. Officers searched around 15 individuals under Section 23 of Misuse of Drugs Act and recovered different drugs, ranging from class A to class C drugs, during the operation."

The focus came in the same year a 37-year-old man was jailed after being caught with £160,000 worth of cannabis at the station. Jian-Hong Chen was spotted by undercover British Transport Police officers as he appeared 'confused and lost'. The defendant was handed a one-year jail term.

The force has not released details of any arrests made.

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