Drunk man bites his sister's neighbour in argument over noise

The incident happened in The Green, Stathern, in the Vale of Belvoir
The incident happened in The Green, Stathern, in the Vale of Belvoir -Credit:Google

A drunken man went to visit his sister and ended up attacking her next-door neighbour after getting into a row. In September 2022, Curtis Garside, 29, had been drinking at his mother's home in Stathern in the Vale of Belvoir and his sister, who also lived in the village, had offered him a bed for the night.

Shortly after midnight he went to The Green, where she lived, and accidentally knocked on her neighbour's front door, waking him up. A court heard that after being sent to the correct address, next door, Garside was making a lot of noise banging on her door. The neighbour then got dressed and went outside to tell him to quieten down.

Garside swung a punch at the man but missed. The man retaliated, punching Garside in the mouth and knocking out one of his teeth.

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Garside then attacked the man, hitting his arms and legs and biting him. Garside was arrested by Leicestershire Police and charged with common assault but claimed it was self-defence. A trial took place at Leicester Magistrates' Court and he was found guilty.

The case was sent to Leicester Crown Court for sentencing because at the time of the offence Garside, of Speck Close, Waltham on the Wolds, near Melton, had been on a crown court suspended sentence order after being caught with a knife in public in 2021.

Lauren Butts, representing Garside, said her client had been "agitated" and admitted throwing the first punch. She added that losing the tooth had been costly, as well as painful, for Garside.

She said: "He punched back and it went beyond self-defence but he wasn't picking a fight with someone for the sake of it." She said that earlier that day Garside's mother had told him that her partner had tried to kill her, which was why he had been drinking with his mother.

She said Garside had had a difficult childhood, leaving home at 13 due to physical and mental abuse, but she said he now had a stable relationship with his partner, with whom he has a six-year-old child. She also said he had been in therapy since the incident in September 2022 and had not had any alcohol since then, either.

Recorder Adrian Jack, sentencing Garside, said the incident was a long time ago and that a probation report about Garside showed "promising signs" for the future. He sentenced him to an 18-month community order with 120 days of alcohol monitoring and 15 further days on probation service programmes.

He ordered Garside to pay a £600 fine for breaching his suspended sentence and a further £600 in compensation to his sister's neighbour.