Watch: ‘Drunk’ magician falls 25ft to the ground while trying to monkey-bar across huge roof

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the shocking moment a magician miraculously survived a 25ft fall when his hands slipped while he was attempting to ‘monkey-bar’ across a roof.

The unidentified man, in his 20s, plummeted onto the tiled floor below him while moving along the rafters at the Blackpool Magic Convention at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens on Sunday.

The magician, who is thought to have been drunk at the time of the incident, suffered serious injuries but managed to survive the drop.

Fellow magician Arron Jones, 23, who witnessed the fall, said: “It was past midnight on the Sunday and some people had stayed back after the last show on Saturday.

The magician was monkey-barring before he fell to the ground (Caters)

“All of a sudden I saw this guy start to shimmy up on of the pillars to the roof. I was just stood there thinking “what is this idiot doing?’”

Arron, from Sheffield, added: “I heard he had been drinking but I don’t know why he decided to go up there.

“The bouncers came out and were shouting at him to get down but he just told them ‘no’ and carried on going.

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“When he got onto the steel beams it suddenly got really serious. The atmosphere in the hall completely changed. No one knew what to do or why he was doing it.

“When he got to the top there was no point telling him to stop. He either had to keep going or come back.

“He was trying to turn around when he lost his grip and fell.”

Onlookers rushed to help the man after he fell to the ground (Caters)

Believing the man had died, Arron said: “He could have broken his neck or his spine. He is so lucky to be alive. I think he got away with just a broken arm and hip.”

Dad-of-two David Penn, another magician, added: “When alcohol gets involved, people start to believe they really are magic. It was like he thought he was trying to fly or he thought he was some kind of superhero.

‘He must have at least had luck on his side to survive. When he fell, I turned away, I couldn’t watch – and I just heard this crack as he hit the ground.

Magician Arron Jones captured the shocking incident on camera (Caters)

“He remained motionless for quite some time and I was absolutely terrified he was dead.”

The man remains in the Royal Preston Hospital after he was rushed there in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Blackpool Magic Club declined to comment but it is thought the man has been banned for life from attending their convention – the largest in the world.

Top pic: Caters