Drunk milkman crashes truck into house and car causing £40,000 worth of damage

A drunk milkman crashed his float into a house and car causing £40,000 worth of damage.

Adam Martin, 28, drove his motorised milk truck into the back of a Mercedes parked on a driveway, which was shunted into the corner of a property.

He was carried from the scene of the crash in Curdworth, Warwickshire, by police.

His truck caused £40,000 worth of damage at the property of Jo and Declan Sunderland at 8.10am on January 21.

Martin, an employee of Muller Milk and More’s Garretts Green depot, admitted drink-driving at Leamington Spa Magistrates Court.

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He was banned from driving for 42 months, placed on a community order for 12 months, ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid work and told to pay £170 in costs.

The back of the Mercedes was smashed (Picture: SWNS)
The back of the Mercedes was smashed (Picture: SWNS)

Tests will be carried out at the property to see if the house’s foundations have been damaged.

Jo Sunderland, 50, said: “There was this bang – it sounded like an explosion.

“I went outside and there was this man opening the door of his truck. He was saying he was sorry.

“He was staggering, so I called an ambulance.

“If it had been a weekday, not a Saturday, there would have been children crossing my driveway every few minutes on their way to school, then the outcome would have been very different.

“The Ford Transit milk truck careered onto my private driveway, hit my Mercedes and pushed it over three metres into the corner of my house.

The Mercedes was shunted into the corner of the house (Picture: SWNS)
The Mercedes was shunted into the corner of the house (Picture: SWNS)

“My car was a complete write-off and it took five hours before the police structural engineer would allow the fire service to move the vehicles.

“The damage to my house is really serious. The crash has taken out one of the structural corners. The front corner will have to be taken down and rebuilt.

“This has caused cracking in every room of the property now, and the house is still creaking.

“It will cost tens of thousands to put right.”

A spokesman for Muller said: “Following the incident, we quickly carried out a thorough and comprehensive internal investigation.

“The employee in question was found to have breached his terms of employment and was subsequently dismissed.

“We have offered our sincerest apologies to the couple affected and compensation is being dealt with through our respective insurers.”