Dua Lipa Says She Bumped Into Parents ‘at the Club’ in ‘SNL’ Monologue: ‘They Love to Party’

Dua Lipa knows how to bring the party. And apparently it runs in the genes. While making her “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut last night, the award-winning pop star acknowledged how she’d made her television debut in the same building eight years ago and gave a special shoutout to her parents — who were in the audience cheering her on — telling a story about an unlikely run-in she had with her folks one night.

“As you can see,” she said, “they’re kind of cool. They love to party. One night, I was out with my friends and we ended up at the club at three o’clock in the morning and who do I bump into but my parents. Which is embarrassing, cause the last thing you want to see when you’re super high and drunk-off-your-ass is your daughter.”

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The punchline got a huge laugh, particularly from her parents up in the balcony. Turning serious for a moment, she did give thanks to her mom and dad as well, saying, “They’ve always been so supportive. They let me move from Kosovo to London when I was just 15 to start my career and now my third album just dropped and it’s called ‘Radical Optimism’.”

In light of her new album and personal sense of “radical optimism”, Dua followed up this shoutout with some crowd-work involving multiple characters from some of the SNL players. One played by Andrew Dismukes told Dua Lipa, “My wife left me because during sex I called her ‘mom’.”

Dua offered an optimistic spin saying, “On the bright side, now you’ll have even more time to spend with your mom.”

The sketch also featured Bowen Yang as a slightly feminist alcoholic whose doctor has told them they have to stop drinking  and Heidi Gardner as MAGA-loving South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem — recently embroiled in a conflict over shooting her dog — who Dua admitted, even she can’t help. Dua’s album “Radical Optimism” from Warner Records is available now and she was last seen as Mermaid Barbie alongside Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and in Matthew Vaughn’s “Argylle”, streaming now on Apple TV+.

Watch Dua Lipa’s full “Saturday Night Live” monologue below.

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