Dubai marriage shortest in history?

A marriage in Dubai could possibly be one of the shortest in history, as the groom demanded a divorce just seconds after they tied the knot.

The man allegedly left the court where he got married and walked straight into the court next door to divorce her. The divorcing judge asked him how long he had been married and he replied; “just seconds.”

The reason for the quickie divorce was that the bride’s father insisted she kept her job after the marriage.

Abdul Salam Darweesh, director of the family rehabilitation and guidance section at Dubai’s courts said: “This man came to me and said he wanted to divorce his wife… when I asked him how long they have been married, he replied that the ink in the pen which I signed my marriage contract has not dried yet.”

He added: “I was surprised so I asked him what he meant… his answer was, I just left the judge office next door after signing the contract with my ex-wife… I have even not received the marriage contract yet.”

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