Dubai Police Unveil Lamborghini Patrol Car

Dubai's police force has unveiled its latest patrol car - a specially modified, quarter-of-a-million pound Lamborghini Aventador, capable of speeds up to 217mph.

"Latest Dubai patrols, now at your service," the force tweeted, beneath a photo of the sleek, green and white-liveried car.

Other options available to law enforcers include modified Dodge Chargers and Chevrolet Camaros.

In Dubai, where petrol is cheaper than drinking water, authorities face significant challenges to curb road accidents caused by speeding.

Last year, official figures put road deaths at 122, with 2,161 injuries, many of which occurred on the emirate's notorious Sheikh Zayed highway.

Around 15% of traffic fines issued in Dubai every day are for driving at speeds in excess of 130mph, police figures released in March showed.

Last year, Dubai police announced they had issued 67,000 traffic fines in one month alone, 2,000 of which were for reversing on motorways.

Reacting to photos of the new Dubai Police patrol car, Twitter user Tom Gara said: "If you think you can outrun the Dubai police, you will think again once you see the Dubai police Lamborghini Aventador."