Duck Goes Quackers for Leftover Pizza Found in Scottsdale Park

Move over Pizza Rat – a much cuter, feathered pizza lover was spotted wolfing down a couple of slices of pepperoni at an Arizona park.

Scottsdale resident Tom Lancione said he was out walking on August 7 when he spotted a white duck munching on some leftover pizza.

Lancione told Storyful that he had stopped under a gazebo for some shade, where there was an abandoned pizza box on one of the tables.

“Under the table I saw a resourceful white duck taking advantage of a free meal! Making great use of the leftovers that a parkgoer had carelessly left behind,” he said.

While it appears that the hungry bird is enjoying the cheesy pie, it is not advised to feed processed food to ducks, as it provides “lots of energy, but with very little nutrition.” Credit: Tom Lancione via Storyful

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