Dumped Love Islanders select couple to leave with them in shocking departure

Dumped Love Islanders Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda have chosen Claudia Fogarty and Keanan Brand to join them in leaving the villa.

The two couples left the hit ITV2 dating show on Thursday night after landing in the bottom four following a public vote for the most compatible couple.

Following the news that 27-year-old ring girl Olivia and 23-year-old finance student Maxwell had been voted as the least compatible, the pair discovered they had to choose one male islander and one female islander to leave with them.

Olivia and Maxwell weighed up their options, debating whether to send home Shaq Muhammad, Casey O’Gorman or Keanan from the least popular boys, and Tanya Manhenga, Rosie Seabrook or Claudia from the least popular girls.

“This is stressful,” said Olivia.

When discussing 24-year-old professional rugby player Keanan and 28-year-old business owner Claudia, Olivia said: “I think we all know that’s a friendship.”

To which Maxwell said: “One hundred percent”

After host Maya Jama told to the couple to reveal their decision, Olivia told her fellow islanders: “This has been a really difficult decision for both of us.

“Do you keep a couple in that could potentially rebuild a flame? Do you keep a boy and a girl that haven’t had enough time?

“There’s so many options we could have gone for.”

Following the decision, Olivia whispered to Claudia: “I’m so sorry.”

In response to the decision, Claudia said: “I’m going to see my mum, I’m happy.”

Following her departure, she added: “I will not look back and regret anything and I’ve had the best experience ever.”

While Keanan said: “We’ll have to get out and get back on job straight away.”

Elsewhere in Thursday night’s episode, Kai Fagan and his partner Sanam Harrinanan revealed to their fellow islanders that they had agreed to become “exclusive”.

Following the decision, 24-year-old PE and science teacher Kai and social worker Sanam, 24, discussed their feelings for each other over breakfast.

At the mention of love, Sanam said: “That’s not coming out of my mouth any time soon.”

She then asked Kai: “You want the big L word?”

To which he said: “Sometimes you’ve got to put your feelings out there, you’ve got to be a bit vulnerable.”

The end of the episode revealed that Friday’s night’s show will include the return of the ranking challenge, with a number of contestants seen looking less than impressed with the decisions made by their fellow islanders.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.