Dumpster diving into the Garbage World of Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider

Dumpster diving into the Garbage World of Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider


Some's got it, some's ain't. For Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, they have the beginnings of a media empire founded on their gift for gab. What began as the only essential podcast for devotees of the wine-throwing, insult-hurling broads you love to hate to love who populate the Real Housewives universe, Bitch Sesh, has been expanded to encompass their love of all things delightfully trashy.

Enter Garbage World. A "community for like-minded garbage people." A safe space for "high-brow people with low-brow taste," as its founders love to say. Powered by Patreon's Memberful, Garbage World offers Wilson and Schneider's fans a one-stop shop to listen to Bitch Sesh, their new pop culture podcast Garbage Sesh, as well as access to exclusive videos, private chat communities, live Q&As, and more.

Wilson and Schneider founded Bitch Sesh in 2015, after taking their obsessive love for The Real Housewives to its logical conclusion: the Hulu parody series The Hotwives, which ran two seasons from 2014-15. What set Bitch Sesh apart from the legion of other pods of similar ilk that sprang up before and since was Wilson and Schneider's deft sense of comedy mixed with their sincere love for the Housewives in all their messy, mention-it-all glory.

Over the years, they've built a community of listeners on whom they call to contribute to causes near and dear to them, or to spill precious tea on Bravolebrities as their "Boots on the Ground." So, seeking more autonomy and ownership of their growing brand, these sisters decided to do it for themselves and in May left their podcasting home, Earwolf, to start their own venture. The result is Garbage World.

"We're moving now into a more spiritual realm, skincare... cults, obviously," Wilson tells EW. "We wanted to be able to talk about some other things, so we added a second podcast called Garbage Sesh as a gorgeous compliment to Bitch Sesh. We decided to go with a subscription service via Memberful and we kind of haven't looked back. It's been sort of empowering to work for ourselves and I think inspiring. And we answer to the people now."

"We don't have a corporate overlord, if you will. And it's been so fun and I think it's put a new spring in our step to literally have our listeners be our bosses and engage with them directly," Schneider says. "We have a Discord where we chat with them and they can chat with us. We have AMAs. If you want just your Bitch Sesh, we have that too. But if you want to go deeper into the garbage as we are and have a more "surround sound" experience in terms of all the things we're covering... It's been so fun to have a whole world where our listeners can get more from us as opposed to just the one podcast."

We caught up with Wilson and Schneider to talk about Garbage World and, of course, to passionately discuss the state of the Housewives union: whether we have a season with The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, if they're loving or hating the new Real Housewives of New York City, and the ramifications of Marlo securing a peach on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson
Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson

Clayton Hawkins Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let's delve right into it. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiere. Did you see it? What are your thoughts?


CASEY WILSON: I actually did not yet, which is unusual for me, but I'll still pipe in with many opinions.

SCHNEIDER: I mean, first can I say Mary Cosby is back and she is tweaked. I've never seen a character — because these are characters to me, and I know that they're also human beings and et cetera, et cetera — but I've never seen someone unfiltered in such a way. The things that she wrote to Lisa Barlow in that text and her reactions to people, just what she says to people's faces, I can't imagine. And yet it is so welcome.


WILSON: I was very sad when Mary left, very sad. So I'm glad that she's back.

SCHNEIDER: And unhinged as ever! And then we're also getting a new Housewife (Monica Garcia), but this one in particular might've been the person who put Jen Shah in prison? So that is... I mean, I didn't see that coming. She was Jen Shah's assistant. We've never had a former Housewife assistant become a Housewife. Talk about All About Eve.

I was like, everybody watch your back! Your assistants are coming for you in the Housewives universe! She's basically a witness in this criminal trial. I mean, we are really in for things.

Do we have a season? Are we back?

SCHNEIDER: I think we have a season! I don't want to focus on Meredith [Marks] and Lisa's fights, but Lisa's the star, to me, that emerged last season. I'm excited about her. I hope that our old favorite Heather [Gay] has seen the light of what she was last season and how that didn't serve her. And so I believe we have a season.


WILSON: I think the fact that we have a wild surrogate standing in for Jen Shah, as Danielle said, who quite possibly put her behind bars makes a season very possible for me!

SCHNEIDER: Yes, for sure. And it's funny because Jen Shah isn't here and yet she's here. You know what I mean? She's felt.

She's a ghost.

SCHNEIDER: She's a ghost.

WILSON: That's what I mean. She's still with us.

Onto Housewives of New York. I'm going to be honest here. When they announced this new cast, I was not excited. The fact that they got rid of and replaced everybody. I didn't know. I just didn't know. But then I started watching... and I'm hooked! I'm loving it. Are you watching?

WILSON: Obviously, I'm watching. How dare you.

I sincerely apologize.

WILSON: You know what? It's so funny what you're saying. I kind of was there for the first couple of episodes. I felt a little like, Where's the old guard? Where are my unhinged ladies that we know and hate? It took me a beat to settle into a show, frankly, with such young, and a bit more "normal" gals. It's just not the Housewives we normally see. And I think change is very hard for me in the Housewives universe. And this was such a from the studs renovation. But I've got to say I'm hooked as well.

SCHNEIDER: Personally — and this is a controversial take as I've been told and everybody basically beats me down when I beat this drum — but I think Jessel [Taank] is the one to watch. She is giving us Housewife in the way that we've always needed and loved it, which is someone who is totally unaware of how they come off, someone who is awful to their husband, someone who most likely rents her place and just came here for the show. This is Housewives 101.


Agree. Jessel is just low-key messy and will apologize, not mean it, and just keep it moving.

SCHNEIDER: Yes, exactly. Sometimes I have concerns. I thought Erin [Lichy]'s party was a terrible party, but a great Housewives party in the sense that it was her 10th anniversary sponsored to the hilt, not a plate of food to be found. And people are talking because it's boring and her sister gets pissed. That to me is a great Housewives party.

So who's your favorite Housewife from New York? Danielle, yours is Jessel?

SCHNEIDER: Right now. Yes. I mean Jenna [Lyons] sort of goes without saying because I think she's so classy and she has such style and I knew her and loved her beforehand. But I am really loving what Jessel is bringing. So yes, I would say Jessel.

What about you, Casey?

WILSON: I love Brynn [Whitfield]. I just think Brynn is easy, breezy CoverGirl. She's so watchable to me. And the fact that she has this gorgeous guy that she broke up with, it's all just very interesting to me. And I find her fun. I find her very relatable and likable. And she's really funny showing up in a fur coat over workout wear in the Hamptons, wearing sunglasses at the vow renewal. These are things I appreciate.


SCHNEIDER: I would say my new favorite Instagram personality is Sai [De Silva]. Truly, there is a talent in Instagram people telling you what they're wearing. I have bought things from her now. She really is somebody who is Instagram famous and I'm here for it.

WILSON: To Danielle's point, the one piece of it that makes me nervous is the fact that Danielle bought a product that she endorsed. It's a double-edged sword because that means she's got good taste and I don't like my Housewives to have good taste.

SCHNEIDER: I know. We're used to Luann [de Lesseps], who put together a jumpsuit with the longest crotch known to man, and I bought that as well and it was terrible. Or we're used to a toaster not coming to market. We're used to Dorinda [Medley]'s kind of just madness and Blue Stone Manor. That's the taste we want. And instead, we've got good taste and that is tough.

What are your thoughts on the other series? Because I'm going to be honest, I kind of tapped out on Atlanta and Jersey. What were your thoughts on those seasons?

SCHNEIDER: Atlanta started off slow. I'm not going to lie. We have Sanya [Richards-Ross], we have Courtney [Rhodes] in the new-ladies bracket. I don't love them. I'm loving Drew [Sidor]. But then they had a party where Shereé [Whitfield]'s ex-husband introduces his daughter that he had while he was married to Shereé. That's incredible. We've never had something like that before. Come on, that's must-see TV!

WILSON: To casually introduce Shereé to his daughter... she thought it was her ex's new wife! These are just things that are great. I do think we have to be careful what we wish for with Marlo [Hampton] having a peach now. I think she was perhaps better in small doses. I loved her as the fashionable, hilarious, part villain, part you just love her... And now we're getting a full dose of Marlo and I'm not totally sure that's the best use of her. But I also kind of feel like we're missing Porsche [Williams]. We need a star that we don't have right now.

SCHNEIDER: And as far as Jersey. Last year. I can't take any more of Teresa [Giudice] and Melissa [Gorga]. That plot is as old as time. It's biblical. And I understand it all, but I can't have another season about that! I can't go back to the Jersey Shore with them. We need something new. And I hope they bring that this year. Louie [Ruelas] is a scary man and I don't know that I want him on my screens, personally.

WILSON: I feel like we've known Jersey for so long and we've known these women for so long. It's almost like watching our own families fight. And I'm sick of it. It's like I want to see new people, new energy, and I really do like the new gals. Danielle [Cabral], I think, is a very strong player. But yes, the Louie of it all bums me out.

So tell me about Garbage World. What's the experience been like so far?

WILSON: We're just so grateful to the community. We have such passionate fans and listeners of Bitch Sesh and we've been so grateful to them and grateful that they kind of made the jump with us and have supported us. It's a women-owned business at the end of the day. Everyone's been so supportive that it's been honestly moving — for people to put their trust in us and come with us on this journey.

SCHNEIDER: We're very grateful and we've been with some of these people for eight years now and the fact that they've stayed with us this long is just.... Our hearts are full because they're lovely and we really appreciate them.

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