Duncan James Admits He's 'Lucky' His Daughter Accepts Having A 'Gay Dad'

Back in 2009, Blue singer Duncan James came out as bisexual but three years later he revealed that he actually identified as gay.

The 37-year-old had daughter Tianie with his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger before he realised his sexual identity, and has now admitted that he feels “lucky” that the ten-year-old accepts him for who he is.

N'aww, too bloomin’ cute.

Speaking about his orientation in a new interview, Duncan explained: “I was worried how she’d feel about having a gay dad. But I’m so lucky because she’s so accepting.”

Tianie was just six-years-old when her dad came out, and Duncan added to Closer magazine: “I know a lot of gay people who have gone through surrogacy to have kids, and there aren’t that many of us who have managed it naturally.

"I think I’d like more kids, but I’d want to be in a stable relationship. It’s really hard meeting people, especially when you’re in the public eye.”

Well we’re sure that Duncan will find ‘the one’ eventually, and Tianie and any future children are very lucky to have him as a loving father.