Dunkirk Casting Director: ‘Harry Styles Won His Hollywood Role Through Talent, Ambition, And Hard Work’

We’ve always known that Harry Styles is a man of many talents but it sounds like the whole world will soon be on board with us, with the One Direction star tipped for Hollywood super-stardom off the back of his role in Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic ‘Dunkirk’.

Casting Director John Papsidera, who gave Harry his big break in the movie industry, has spoken out on the star’s impressive work ethic and sheer acting ability as he reveals that he won the role against some huge established actors.

We couldn’t be more proud.

Speaking to The Mirror, John shared: “Harry was absolutely right for the role. As an actor he is unknown, but his readings made him an obvious choice. We thought he was fresh and interesting and he won the role.

"It wasn’t because he’s a well known pop star – if anything that was more of a detriment, because it could bring the wrong message and we don’t want people pulled out of the film because of who they are.

"Our aim was to have people who are fresh and don’t bring a lot of prior work with them, so the audience will be really immersed in the film and not struggling with recognisable famous personalities.

"So Harry really had to overcome hurdles to get past that. He fought hard for it and his work was impressive and that’s what attracted us to him. I don’t think he studied acting professionally and yet he won the role against some very well known actors.”

The audition process was no easy feat for Harry and John went on to add: “It’s a great achievement for Harry that he won it, a great feather in his cap and we’re very excited having him in the film. I hope for him that he goes on to bigger things in Hollywood, he’s a lovely guy.

"Chris’ kids knew who he was and we knew of him but we aren’t followers of his career, it is absolutely his own talent, ambition and hard work that has got him a part in a Christopher Nolan movie.

"It was because of his passion for being in the film, he jumped through every hurdle we put him through and really won it of his own accord.”

We think that we speak for everyone when we say that we are so excited for the film’s 2017 release - actor Harry is definitely something that we can get on board with.