DUP locks Wikipedia page after pranksters edit it to claim the party doesn't believe in dinosaurs and was founded by Hitler

The DUP found itself in a Wikipedia war following news it would prop up Theresa May’s government – with pranksters altering its page on the information site to point out the party doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

The party found itself at the centre of post-general election drama as the Prime Minister announced she would rely on its support to form a majority in parliament.

But as DUP leader Arlene Foster confirmed she would be entering talks with the Conservatives to discuss “how it may it be possible to bring stability to our nation at this time of great challenge”, critics were busy altering the party’s Wikipedia entry to what they said were the party’s true beliefs.

Some of the changes were screengrabbed by Twitter users while others reportedly were said to include a claim that the party’s core beliefs included the idea that “dinosaurs don’t exist”.

The DUP had to lock its Wikipedia page after pranksters started altering its text
Deal – Theresa May has announced she is going to lean on the DUP for support (Picture: PA)

One user reportedly wrote: “DUP’s core beliefs include unwavering opposition homosexuality and abortion, and that dinosaurs don’t exist,” the Metro reported.

Other changes included naming Adolf Hitler as leader of the party, with one lengthy rewrite of the page packed with expletives.

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The so-called ‘edit-war’ kept the internet amused, with observers sharing the changes on social media before they could be changed back.

But the fun didn’t last, with the Wikipedia page locked down soon after – after it had been edited back.

A small padlock appeared on the page, suggesting that it had been “semi-protected” until Monday, June 12.

The DUP had to lock its Wikipedia page down after pranksters altered it
The DUP had to lock its Wikipedia page down after pranksters altered it