DUP will support UK government on budget and Brexit - May

LONDON (Reuters) - Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party has agreed to support the British government in parliamentary votes on the budget, and on all Brexit and national security legislation, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday. In a statement after her Conservative Party reached a deal with the DUP following her failure to win an outright parliamentary majority in a June 8 election, May also urged Northern Irish political parties to agree over the province's government by a June 29 deadline. "The DUP will support the Conservative government on votes on the Queen's Speech, the Budget, and legislation relating to Brexit and national security," May said. "The agreement makes clear that we remain steadfast to our commitments as set out in the Belfast Agreement and its successors, and in governing in the interests of all parts of the community in Northern Ireland," she added. (Reporting by David Milliken, editing by Elizabeth Piper)