Update on DVLA changes which will 'impact every driver'

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Drivers are being told about changes to DVLA systems. -Credit:PhotoAlto / Odilon Dimier via Getty

All drivers are being told about changes to DVLA rules, as experts warned everyone with a driving licence would be affected. Motorists have been advised to get familiar with updates to DVLA services.

This includes recent changes which have seen more services go digital, with less use of paper forms many drivers may be used to. Experts from Swansway Motor Group said: "Understanding the new services offered by the DVLA is crucial for drivers to ensure they're leveraging the latest updates in managing their driving licences.

"The ability to renew your photocard or apply for a first provisional licence online streamlines what was once a long process, saving time and simplifying life for every motorist. Over 890,000 people signing up for the DVLA's Driver and Vehicles Account service in less than a year demonstrates the appetite and trust the public has in digital advancements for their driving needs.

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"This overwhelming response underscores the effectiveness and efficiency of online services, highlighting a significant shift towards digital engagement in the automotive and licensing sectors. Staying informed about these updates means accessing a more efficient, user-friendly way to keep their driving credentials up to date."

The motoring experts said tasks like renewing driving licence photos were now much simpler and that the switch to online services had proved a gamechanger for drivers. They said: "The DVLA's digital transformation, particularly the ability to renew your driving licence photo or apply for a provisional licence online, is a positive step in the right direction.”

"The new features added to the DVLA's Driver and Vehicles Account show the commitment to digital innovation and customer service. This means less time waiting for postal reminders or standing in queues and more time enjoying the freedom of the road.”