DVSA says popular car nearly always passes MOT test - saving drivers £54

BMW drivers have been told they are most likely to pass their MOT test in the UK. Wessex Fleet has reported BMW drivers will save £54 by passing their MOT first time - with more and more motorists failing and having to re-take.

Over the 12 month period, only 21.67 per cent of models built by the German prestige brand failed the test. BMW models were noted for their robust performance, registering the lowest percentage of MOT fails among popular car brands at 21.67 per cent.

This may be influenced by the typically newer age and well-maintained status of such luxury vehicles. The fleet management team conducted this analysis through a Freedom of Information request to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

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Wessex Fleet has provided five expert tips to help maintain an older vehicle and improve its chances of passing an MOT. It includes maintaining your brakes which means you're less likely to be presented with a hefty maintenance bill at your next MOT or service.

Regular fluid checks can also help. Make sure you regularly check your engine oil levels by opening the bonnet and removing the dipstick. Wipe it and redip it. When you remove the dipstick again, your oil should be between the minimum and maximum marker.

Keep up with a service schedule. Ensuring that you have your vehicle checked regularly means you can identify and rectify any issues that might have cropped up since your MOT. It also means you can keep on top of any maintenance issues as soon as possible — instead of leaving them to tackle all at once.

Take care of the battery, too. To prevent your battery from becoming flat, you could use a trickle charger to keep it topped up when you're not driving. If you don't want to invest in a trickle charger, simply take your car for a drive once a week to keep the battery in good condition.

Diesel cars can require engine cleaning to improve their efficiency, they also warn.