DWP boss caught lying 'twice' on national TV about PIP crackdown

The boss of the Department for Work and Pensions was caught out twice fibbing on live television about a benefits crackdown. Mel Stride's appearances on Sky News, BBC and ITV on Tuesday, May 7 sparked controversy when he talked about changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

According to reports from The Canary, while on BBC, Mr Stride, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, erroneously stated that those receiving the disability benefit PIP are pocketing 'thousands of pounds a month'. Additionally, he told the BBC audience that PIP is a benefit 'not reviewed for over ten years'.

His comments came as the DWP gears up for scrutinising disabled benefits claimees with the release of a new 'green paper'.

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Following these missteps, the DWP stated Mr Stride had intended to say 'thousands of pounds a year', a phrase which he did correctly use in other interviews that day. In response to the misleading comments, one Twitter user vented: " #PIP Mel stride says pip is thousands of pounds a month in tv interviews today."

Another provided a reality check pointing out: "High rate care and high rate mobility totals £737.20p a month. Disabled people have additional costs due to their disability."

A further tweet revealed: "He's definitely lying there. My mum has severe anxiety after she was attacked. Here is a photo of her PIP award. They awarded her £23.60 per week. It has gone up to £28.70 with inflation. Certainly not thousands per month.", reports Birmingham Live.

"PIP IN WORK or out of work monthly allowance- £314.82 Amount Mel Stride claims each month in rent and ENERGY BILLS- £1,800 Amount Mel Stride even claimed for a new Macbook for f#cksake- £1,657 Care to comment on who the real scroungers are eh Mr Stride? " one person vented.

Another chimed in: "Conservative MP Mel Stride claims PIP benefit is thousands of pounds per month. No it is an absolute maximum of £720 a month, and most people only get about £250. Meanwhile he claims £1,250 a WEEK in rent on his expenses Lying, thieving b******."

A third added: "Apparently Tory MP Mel Stride is on TV conning the public telling them that people with anxiety and depression get "thousands of pounds per month PIP" They dont. The vast majority get just £28.70p per week."

"He's saying they get thousands so you go along with the Tories cruel cuts."

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