DWP confirms major PIP shake-up will also look at Carer's Allowance eligibility

The DWP has given a update on PIP reforms
The DWP has given a update on PIP reforms -Credit:PA

DWP proposals for PIP changes will also examine the impact the benefit has on Carer's Allowance, the Government has confirmed. Major changes could see cash payments swapped out completely for vouchers and grants to help pay for treatment and therapy under new proposals.

If a person wants to apply for Carer's Allowance, the person who they are responsible for must be in receipt of a disability benefit like PIP to prove that they need care. Additionally, some people on PIP can also claim Carer's Allowance as they look after a partner or child who has disabilities.

But if PIP payments come to a stop, are reduced or are restricted to specific cases due to proposed reforms, it could affect a person's eligibility for Carer's Allowance - and as a result, they could receive less financial support from the state.

Birmingham Live reports that Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas, asked the DWP if it would consider the impact of PIP changes on Carer's Allowance - as figures show that there are 3.5 million claiming PIP in the UK, as well as 991,000 claiming Carer's Allowances.

Ms Lucas probed the Department on what assessment has been made of the impact of proposed changes to PIP on unpaid carers and their eligibility to receive Carer's Allowance. To which, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work Mims Davies, said that the new consultation will look at knock-on effects to the £81.90 weekly benefit.

She explained: "Modernising Support for Independent Living: The Health and Disability Green Paper looks at different options to reshape the current welfare system so that we can provide better-targeted support to those who need it most. We are considering these options through our 12-week consultation which was published on Monday 29 April and will close on Monday 22 July at 11:59pm.

"Any possible impacts on unpaid carers and their eligibility to receive Carer's Allowance will be considered as necessary."

She added: "There will be no immediate changes to PIP, or to health assessments. All scheduled PIP assessments and payments will proceed as normal, and claimants should continue to engage as usual and provide any necessary information or updates regarding their circumstances.

"We encourage everyone to respond to the consultation which can be found here so that we are able to hear from as many disabled people, people with health conditions, their representatives, and local stakeholders as possible on these important issues."