DWP issues Universal Credit update as payments set to rise by up to £109 a month

Many may have an underpayment on their state pension
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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has disclosed an uplift for all those on Universal Credit to aid in coping with the cost of living. This week, The DWP issued a reminder about this adjustment to ensure that maximum people claim the benefit.

Following the boost, a total amount of £1,739.37 per month could potentially be given to recipients.

As part of yearly reviews compelled by the government, Universal Credit Childcare payments have seen a 6.7% rise. These reviews are imperative for maintaining benefit payments on par with inflation and preventing their spending power from getting eroded by inflation.

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All current claimants of Universal Credit are eligible for claiming Universal Credit Childcare payments as well. Eligibility also requires having at least one child and being engaged in paid work while covering for your childcare.

Even in absence of work or while receiving maternity pay, eligibility remains undeterred. However, for individuals in relationships, their partners must also be working or considered unable to work, reports the Express.

These parameters mean that a £1,014 payout can be claimed if you have one child, and that elevates to £1,739.37 for two children or more, translating into monthly increases of £63 and £109 respectively.

In a recent reminder, the DWP noted: "#UniversalCreditChildcare payments increased on 8 Apr 2024 to £1,014.63 for one child and £1,739.37 for two or more children helping you manage childcare and work".