DWP pension pot warning after National Insurance number error

Brits are being urged to check their pension pot after an employer used the wrong National Insurance number for their worker. Jobcentre staff encouraged one man - who had been working for more than three decades - to check his pension online.

When he checked, he discovered that there were missing contributions. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) then investigated the matter and found that a previous employer had entered his National Insurance number wrong.

The National Insurance number had one incorrect digit, with the man's credits applied to the wrong account. The issue was later rectified.

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His record now shows that he will receive a full state pension at retirement age, ChronicleLive reports. A Department for Work and Pensions spokeswoman said: "During a recent 50Plus Choices interview a customer who had been in work for over 35 years just found out he had missing contributions that has now been rectified.

"The work coach persuaded him to check his pension on gov.uk, just in case, and gave him the instruction how to do this. The claimant returned for his next appointment and advised that he had done as the work coach had asked and when he checked there were a number of years contributions missing.

"The claimant was obviously worried about this as he could not understand how this could have happened, but when this was investigated, a previous employer had been reporting his National Insurance with one incorrect digit, so his credits had been applied to the wrong National Insurance account.

"This was rectified by HMRC and once investigated, and everything was applied as it should have been, the claimants record showed that he was due a full state pension when he was to reach the state pension age."