DWP warns Universal Credit and PIP claimants going on holiday this summer

The Department for Work and Pensions has issued a warning for claimants planning a holiday this summer. The DWP has sent a holiday alert to PIP and claimants who claim Universal Credit too, as the summer months begin in the UK.

The government states: "If you go abroad, you can continue to get Universal Credit for one month. You must be eligible for Universal Credit when you’re going abroad, remain eligible for it while you’re abroad and tell your work coach that you’re going.

"If a close relative dies while you’re abroad and it would not be reasonable for you to come back to the UK, you can get Universal Credit for one more month. You cannot get Universal Credit if you’re moving abroad permanently.

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"You cannot apply for Universal Credit if you’re already abroad." It adds: "You can continue to get Universal Credit for up to 6 months if you go abroad for medical treatment, you go abroad for a period of recovery that’s been approved by a medical professional (also known as ‘approved convalescence’) and your partner or child is going abroad for medical treatment or ‘approved convalescence’ and you’re going with them.

If you’re a civil servant, diplomat or member of the armed forces, there are different rules. The DWP says: "You may be able to make a claim or keep getting Universal Credit while you’re abroad if you’re abroad due to work duties, for example posted abroad in the armed forces and the UK was your main home immediately before you were sent abroad (you were ‘habitually resident’ in the UK).

"You need to tell your work coach before you go abroad. They’ll tell you which things from your ‘claimant commitment’ you need to keep doing while you’re abroad." If you’re a mariner or continental shelf worker, you’re entitled to Universal Credit when you go abroad, and you can continue to get it for up to 6 months.