E.ON sends customer £95,000 monthly bill 'and tells her to prove it is wrong'

E.ON in Westwood Business Park
E.ON in Westwood Business Park -Credit:Reach

E.ON has been heavily criticised for reportedly slapping a small dance school with a mind-boggling £95,000 energy bill. That's according to This is Money and comes amid the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting the entire country.

The astonished dance teacher, who ordinarily settles her monthly studio bills at the rate of approximately £200, was left shell-shocked when E.ON - one of Britain's top energy firms, rivalled by British Gas, OVO, Octopus, and EDF among others - read the meter and issued this astronomical sum.

She said: "I'm a part-time dance teacher and run a small dance school for young people in my local area. It's open for about 15 hours per week. I've been running the studio for six years and the bills are usually no more than £200 per month."

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She continued: "But last November, the energy supplier for the building E.ON sent me a bill for more than £95,000 for one month. There's no way that can be right, but E.ON told me it would be up to me to prove it wrong. Other than showing it my previous bills, I don't know how I can do that."

She went on: "I also had an email which said I should 'continue to pay my bill in the meantime' which is obviously impossible as I don't have £95,000," reports Birmingham Live. She elaborated on the growing frustration as she revealed: "In addition, the amount I owe seems to keep changing. This week, I received both a credit note for £192,000 and a bill for £47,000 from E.ON.

"I don't know what more I can do to prove that we are such a small business and that we are simply not using that much energy. The figure is ridiculous, but some of the people I've spoken to at Eon have genuinely suggested it is correct.

"I'm worried about the impact of not paying my bill - such as debt collectors turning up at the school or this affecting my personal credit rating." An E.ON spokesman responded: "We're glad to have resolved the issue for [this customer] and that she is now seeing the real benefits of having a smart meter in her property."

"We would always encourage customers to get in touch with us to resolve any issues and to find out what support we can offer."

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