From E4's Stage School to Britain's Got Talent glory: The untold story of Sydnie Christmas

Sydnie Christmas
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ITV Britain's Got Talent's latest champion, Sydnie Christmas, dazzled audiences with her stunning performance of "Over the Rainbow" last night, securing her the title of 2024 winner.

The 'novice' singer's electrifying act was a hit among both judges and viewers, who cast thousands of votes in her favour. Following her victory, Sydnie opted for a low-key celebration at Wetherspoons with friends and confessed on This Morning that she hasn't yet checked her bank account to see the £250,000 prize money.

Despite the excitement surrounding her win, Sydnie is familiar with the limelight. The 28 year old singer, who previously worked as a gym receptionist, has a background in music and acting, which led some viewers to speculate that BGT was "fixed as **** as she's had a singing career before".

Simon Cowell defended her, noting during the show: "You know what was interesting? I worked out, I don't think a single act tonight were professionals. They all had a regular job and they did something extraordinary."

However, Sydnie's journey to stardom hasn't been without its challenges. She appeared on the E4 reality show Stage School, which aired in 2016 and 2017, highlighting the real struggles faced by performing arts students, reports the Mirror.

The programme showcased a variety of scenarios, from romantic disputes to theatrical dramas. One viewer recognised Sydnie's previous TV experience when she appeared on stage at the London Palladium, posting on X: "I knew I recognised the girl's name who got the golden buzzer on last night's #BritainsGotTalent. "Sydnie Christmas was on the E4 reality show Stage School that aired a few years ago now.

It was a cross between Glee and TOWIE. "It seems Sydnie made quite an impression on Stage School, as one viewer commented at the time: "Finally someone who can sing on Stage School.

Sydnie. "Theatre rolesDespite claims that Sydnie has extensive West End experience, the singer herself denies this, telling the Mirror: 'I've done loads of auditions to get into the West End. It's always knock backs, always that you don't fit.However, she does have significant theatre experience, having made her debut in London as one of the lead voices in Lazarus, which features the music of David Bowie, at the King's Cross Theatre. Sydnie shared a backstage photo with Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson after he attended the show. On her Spotify page, she shares: "Recently I just finished a musical called 'Lazarus', For those of you who loved David Bowie you would have loved this.

In addition to appearances on E4 and most recently, ITV, Sydnie has also graced the big screen, with a credit for the film, Kick Ass 2. When the full casting was announced for the European premiere of Lazarus, the musical by Enda Walsh and the David Bowie, which transfers from New York, Sydnie is credited with appearing in the black comedy superhero film, starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

The role that the singer played in the film, which is based on Book Two and Book Three of Kick-Ass The Dave Lizewski Years, remains unknown and it is not listed on Sydnie's IMDB page.