Eamonn Holmes fans say 'poor Ruth' after he shares snap with 'wonderful' pal

Ruth Langsford (L) and Eamonn Holmes posing in 2022
Ruth and Eamonn are well loved by fans -Credit:Dave Benett/Getty Images

Eamonn Holmes has been spotted with his "wonderful" and "close" friend, sparking speculation about his marriage to Ruth Langsford. The former This Morning presenter has raised eyebrows due to a noticeable lack of updates about his wife on social media.

In a recent post, Eamonn shared a moment with showbiz pal Linda Lusardi, posting a then-and-now photo. "1982 v 2024 and she hasn't changed a bit . My wonderful, close friend Linda Lusardi who I went to see today," he enthused.

"42 year friendship," he added. Lusardi is an actress, TV presenter and former glamour model.

Fans were quick to respond, with one asking: "Where is your beautiful wife Ruth! Why or what are you trying prove! " Another sympathetically commented: "Poor Ruth."

However, reports the Mirror, another fan defended him, saying: "'trying to prove' or simply sharing a picture of a longterm friendship that's lasted all these years .. how do you know it wasn't Ruth taking the picture.."

One supporter retorted: "Why see the negative in this? They have been friends 42 years! Amazing achievement!!"

Another defended Eamonn, stating: "He's showing what a good friendship they have! Why do some idiots always have to be negative, derogatory, accusatory and insinuate things? For nothing better to do? Obviously not."

Another fan dismissed the pity for Ruth, stating: "There's no 'poor Ruth', just Ruth. You all are showing yourselves up. I'm embarrassed."

And yet another assured: "he's not trying to prove anything. He adores his wife Ruth. He is stating he has a 42-year friendship with Linda whats wrong with that."

"He's allowed friends. And Linda is happily married too. Don't see the issue? " one person queried. Another was irate, stating: "why say this.? This is 2024 not 1954 they can surely have male and female friends and Linda is very happily married!".

"The best next door neighbour and FRIEND for us too. I miss @lindalusardi If there's a person you could honestly call a diamond it's her," added another Instagram user.

Last week it was reported TV favourite Eamonn calmed the fears of his fans who worried he had split from Ruth, as he shared a happy snap of them together. The 64-year-old broadcaster has been married to Loose Women host Ruth since 2010 and the pair are well loved for their relaxed and friendly romance.

When they co-hosted This Morning together, fans were often left in hysterics as Eamonn would crack jokes about his 64-year-old wife - while the duo also won praise for the way they would delicately handle sensitive topics on the long-running ITV show.

However, in recent weeks, fans have been worried due to the absence of Eamonn and Ruth together. A theory was formed among followers when Eamonn posted a family picture last month, with many pointing out that Ruth was missing from the heartwarming photo.

The GB News presenter posted an image of his eldest son - whom he shares with ex-wife Gabriele, from whom he separated in 1994 - along with his wife and children during a christening celebration. Fans inundated the comments section of the Instagram post, questioning why Ruth was not present in the picture.

The concern about a potential rift between them has only escalated with each subsequent photo Eamonn has shared online.

However, on Friday, Eamonn posted a throwback photo of himself and his wife looking content together. The photo, taken in May 2018, showed the couple smiling together.

During a Loose Women episode last month, Ruth expressed her worries about Eamonn leaving her for another woman. She confessed to the panel: "See I think, people go, 'Oh, you'd hate it if you were dumped for a younger woman'. I go, 'No, I would hate it because...' then I could do the whole cliche thing, 'Oh, Eamonn is such a cliche, he's going with a 25-year-old, how sad.' But then I think 'No, the worst thing for me is if he went off with someone the same age'. I think that is harder than being dumped for someone younger. That's my worst fear."

Her fellow panellists were quick to dismiss any concerns about Eamonn leaving her, with Linda Robson asserting: "That's not going to happen."

Brenda Edwards then offered her perspective, saying: "Well, apart from my ex-husband who was like four or five years older than me, everyone else I've dated has been younger, but not more than five years."

Eamonn and Ruth have been an item since 1996 and became parents to their son, Jack, in 2002, tying the knot eight years later in 2010. Eamonn also has three children from his previous marriage to Gabrielle; Declan, aged 35, Niall, 31, and Rebecca, 33.

The duo famously presented This Morning together from 2006 until 2021, with their departure leaving many fans of the show disappointed when they were replaced.

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