Eamonn Holmes Returns To This Morning Following Double Hip Operation

Eamonn Holmes has made a triumphant return to This Morning after undergoing a double hip operation, proudly standing alongside his wife Ruth Langsford without the help of his crutches.

Way to go, Eamonn - what an impressive feat.

The much-loved TV presenter quipped to the audience: “Look, I can fully do all I’m supposed to do! There’s no point overstraining, but I can do all the basic things required.” later adding that he reckons the operation has added an inch to his height.

Not too shabby all things considered, eh?

It wasn’t all larking about for the host though, with Eamonn also taking a serious turn as he added to viewers: “If you are facing a hip operation - or two as in my case - there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it can be done.

"Do your exercises, take your painkillers, and you will get through it.”

Wise words.

Ruth was also ecstatic to have her hubby back on the sofa with her, gushing: “I’ve had a few TV husbands sitting here with me - but now I’ve got the best back!”

We are certainly pleased to see Eamonn doing so well, especially as he previously admitted that recovering from the ops was like “going through hell”.

He explained: “I am going through hell! No, the truth is, I think anyone would rather not be going through what I am but to anyone who is facing this operation, I want to say that the people here really do know what they are doing and the technology is so advanced.

"Yes, it is going to hurt a bit but this pain doesn’t compare to what I was going through before.”

Good to have you back, Eams.