Early voting starts Thursday for primary election

Feb. 6—With the General Primary Election right around the corner, local election officials are informing voters of upcoming dates.

For those who vote by mail, the first day to mail a ballot is Thursday, Feb. 8 for the General Primary Election on March 19.

March 14 is the last day to mail a ballot.

Early voting in person at the county administration building also starts on Thursday and runs through March 18.

Grace Period Voting is Feb. 21 through March 19.

For voter registration, regular registration closed on Feb. 20.

Illinois law provides individuals who were unable to register to vote or change their address prior to the traditional deadline (28 days prior to an election) a "grace period" to register and vote.

The offices to be voted on include: Federal: President /Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, State Senators, State Representatives of the General Assembly, Judges: Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Circuit Court, Resident Circuit Court, Subcircuits, all judges seeking retention, and addition judgeships if required. Democratic Congressional Delegates will be elected in the General Primary Election. County: County Auditor, Circuit Clerk, County Coroner, County Recorder, States Attorney, County Board Members. Precinct Committeepersons will be elected in the General Primary Election.

Those who filed as candidates: Erika Ramsey for auditor, Republican; Melissa Quick for circuit clerk, Republican; Jane McFadden for coroner, Republican; Cathy Moulton and Matthew Long for recorder, Republicans; and Jacqueline Lacy for state's attorney, Republican.

Incumbent Recorder David Stone is not seeking re-election.

Two county board candidates have withdrawn their candidacy — Mark Janesky for Vermilion County Board District 7 and Charles Sermersheim for Vermilion County board District 4.

County Board Seats up in 2024: District 1 — Todd Johnson; District 2 — Steve Miller and Daniel C. Wright; District 3 — Joe Eakle; District 4 — Marla Mackiewicz and Timothy McFadden; District 5 — Crisi Walls; District 6 — Tom Morse & Mark A. Steinbaugh; District 7 — Craig Golden & 2-year Unexpired; District 8 — Phearn Butler and Jerry Hawker; District 9 — Becky A. Stark and a 2-year Unexpired term.

Vermilion County Board candidates who filed: Todd Johnson, Republican, and Amy Buttram, Democrat, in District 1 (one four-year term open); Republicans Steve Miller and Dan C. Wright in District 2 (two four-year terms open); Republican Joe Eakle in District 3 (one four-year term open); Republicans Tim McFadden and Gary H. Wright, and Democrats Carl Lee Johnson and Germaine Light in District 4 (two four-year terms open); Republicans Robert "Jim" Watson and Crisi Walls in District 5 (one four-year term open); Republicans Lon Henderson and Mark Steinbaugh and Democrat William T. Donahue in District 6 (two four-year terms open); Republicans Craig Golden, Joe M. Leonard and Timothy Morgan in District 7 (one four-year term and one two-year unexpired term open. Morgan filed for the two-year term.); Jerry Hawker, Republican, and Democrats Phearn M. Butler and Bryan McDaniels in District 8 (two four-year terms open); and Democrats James "Mouse" McMahon and Becky A. Stark in District 9 (McMahon is running for the two-year unexpired term and there is another four-year term open).

Michael l. Mullins also filed to be a write-in candidate for Oakwood 5 precinct committeeperson.

Polling places will be open on General Primary Election Day from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. at designated polling places.