East London trio who sold drugs on 'Baked Store' online channel sentenced after police raid

L-R: Maciej Budzinski, Symon Karmolinski and Amanda Bueser (Met Police / Evening Standard)
L-R: Maciej Budzinski, Symon Karmolinski and Amanda Bueser (Met Police / Evening Standard)

An east London trio who sold drugs across the country from an online “Baked Store” channel has been caught after a police raid.

The raid in May 2023 uncovered £153,000 worth of drugs being sold on online channels linked to Maciej Budzinski, Symon Karmolinski and Amanda Bueser.

The channels, which offered a “menu” of drugs to customers across the country, had names such as “World Pharmacy”, “Baked Bros” and “Caliukvapes”.

Searches at properties in Beckton’s Dennington Road, Dagenham’s Siviter Way and Leytonstone’s Hainault Road also uncovered cutting agents used to bulk out the drugs, scales, and drug ledgers.

On Friday, Budzinski, 26, was sentenced to ten years and eight months imprisonment, while Karmolinski, 25, was sentenced to five years and ten months imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Bueser, 25, was also given a suspended 15 months’ sentence and ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work.

The group sold drugs across the country (Met Police)
The group sold drugs across the country (Met Police)

A court heard how customers subscribed to the group’s channels and could order through Telegram and WhatsApp.

The drugs would then be discreetly packaged and shipped via regular mail services.

Among the drugs for sale were cocaine, cannabis, LSD, ecstasy, magic mushroom pills, codeine, amphetamine and oxycontin.

In an attempt to evade detection, Karmolinski created a string of other groups, such as ‘Baked Store ‘, ’Caliukvapes‘ and ’World Pharmacy’, directing customers to each one in turn.

Jurors were told he managed day to day activities, overseeing social media accounts and mobile phones, employing Budzinski to handle customer orders.

Meanwhile, his fiancée Bueser actively participated in packaging, logo design, and even passing on drug orders from her friends to Karmolinksi.

Bueser also allowed her bank accounts to receive money from the drug operation, resulting in her being charged with money laundering.

Budzinski was also caught by officers on CCTV at Collier Row post office sending numerous parcels, while Karmolinski and Bueser were found to have been making trips to both France and Poland.

Met Detective Inspector Dave Mannell said: “The sentences handed down are the result of a detailed investigation into the supply of controlled drugs with a national customer base.

“We know about the link between drugs and violence, and that drives us to crack down on offenders and place them before the courts.

“The evidence gathered by my officers, during what has been a complex and extensive investigation, has ensured that a significant amount of drugs will now not be sold on the streets of London.”