East Texans report displaced wildlife due to excessive rainfall

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Texas Parks and Wildlife in East Texas has received calls of out-of-place wildlife due to excessive rainfall over the last couple of weeks.

East Texas tree service crews continue to work after weeks of storms

“Well due to all of the recent flooding, there is a lot of different wildlife that has been displaced due to high water,” Stephen Lange, Texas Parks and Wildlife Director for East Texas Region 3, said.

Frankie Peters, a veterinary technician with All Creatures Wildlife Rescue in Cherokee County, said they have received 10 to 30 phone calls a day about different types of wildlife.

“Alligators, but also smaller animals such as snakes and turtles and a lot of mammals as well a lot of raccoons and armadillos,” Lange said.

Displaced alligators ‘on the move’ in Trinity County after storms

Texas Parks and Wildlife explained it’s not uncommon with the amount of water flowing into streams and lakes around East Texas.

“The Trinity and Lake Livingston they’re actually releasing more water from the lake than what they released during Hurricane Harvey,” Lange said.

The excessive amounts of rain have flooded homes and wildlife habitats. Experts warn people to be aware of deer, snakes and alligators.

“Do not let your kids approach, most of these animals will retreat back into the rivers, lakes, or streams once the waters start to recede,” said Lange.

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