EastEnders airs reversal twist for Jack Branning and Denise Fox

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired a shocking reversal for Jack Branning and Denise Fox's relationship.

The copper was initially adamant that his marriage was over after finding out that Denise had kissed his rival Ravi Gulati, though he has thawed since his initial outburst of anger.

At a family therapy session last week, Jack's daughter Amy said she felt as if both her dad and Denise were abandoning her by splitting up. That night, Denise agreed she'd come to dinner sometime to prove she's committed to the family.

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In Monday's episode (May 1), Denise remained unsure over whether she could possibly repair the damage she'd done to her marriage. Sister Kim Fox urged Denise not to give up on the relationship, telling her she needed to convince Jack that their marriage is worth fighting for.

Denise turned up to the Branning house just as the kids were heading off to an escape room event, so she invited herself along for some bonding time.

The whole family had a wonderful day together and when they got back home, Amy and Ricky Jr suggested Denise and Raymond officially move back in. Jack was noncommittal on his kids' request, but he revealed his true feelings when Denise privately asked whether there was a future for them as a couple.

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"It's going to take me a while to trust you again but I want us to work," Jack told her.

Denise assured him: "That's all I want."

Denise gently placed her hand over Jack's, but he jerked his hand away. The policemen left the room without saying another word, leaving Denise alone to contemplate their future.

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