EastEnders airs Whitney and Zack wedding twist in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow from Monday’s episode (May 20) which hasn’t yet aired on BBC One.

EastEnders has aired a twist on Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson’s wedding day in the show’s latest episode.

As Whitney had given birth to their baby girl Dolly only several days previously, she and Zack had agreed to postpone their wedding for now.

But Zack soon realised that he had forgotten to cancel the registry office, and didn’t tell Linda, Honey and Penny, who had organised the reception at The Vic.

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When he told Whitney, she eventually decided that they should get married after all, and the happy couple began their last-minute preparations to get ready.

Not everyone was excited about their impending nuptials, however, as Britney was still grappling with the revelation that Zack had cheated on Whitney with her best friend Lauren, something she found out last week.

Away from Whitney, Zack begged Britney for forgiveness and asked her to stay quiet about his betrayal, saying: "We are the family Whitney has always wanted. Don’t go and mess that up by saying anything."

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Lauren was also concerned when she found out the wedding was going ahead, but Zack convinced her that everything would be fine and that Britney wouldn’t spill the beans.

As the wedding approached, Zack struggled with his emotions, and just before Whitney arrived at the registry office, he told Bianca that he had to confess now.

But Bianca urged him not to and said: "I have been begging you to tell her! You’ve had your chance, Zack, so suck it up. You ruin today and I will ruin the rest of your life."

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Whitney walked down the aisle with baby Dolly, then asked if Britney could stand with her and Zack during the ceremony.

When Whitney read out her vows and spoke about how she could trust Zack completely and knows he will never hurt her, Britney couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

After telling a confused Whitney that Zack might in fact hurt her, Britney then revealed: "He cheated on you. It’s true. Zack slept with Lauren."

How will Whitney react to this shock news, and will the wedding go ahead?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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