EastEnders' Ben disappears ahead of Lola's final farewell

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell could miss his chance to say goodbye to Lola Pearce-Brown in next week's emotional episodes.

As news spreads that Lola is entering her final days, Ben is nowhere to be seen after catching a flight to the US.

Lola only has a short time left to live after all treatment options for her cancer were exhausted by the hospital team.

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However, in upcoming scenes, Ben goes into denial and flies off to the US to discuss placing Lola on an experimental course of treatment.

Next week, Billy Mitchell and Jay Brown are both furious when they find out that Ben has jetted off to America. They know that Ben and Lola's daughter Lexi needs as much support as possible at this difficult time.

Ben's husband Callum and mum Kathy both reluctantly confirm that he hasn't been in contact with either of them for days.

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Kathy orders Callum to use his detective skills to track Ben down. Sadly, with no answers forthcoming, everybody prepares for the upsetting possibility that Lola might die while Ben is on another continent.

Later in the week, Phil loses patience over the lack of contact from Ben.

Phil suggests going to the US himself to bring Ben back, but Kathy warns that it's a stupid idea. Instead, Kathy and Callum search the flat for potential clues to Ben's exact whereabouts.

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In the end, Ben finally calls Callum. As Ben is getting on a plane there and then, Callum chooses not to tell him that Lola is close to death. However, he knows that Ben will never forgive himself if he doesn't make it back on time.

In Lola's bedroom, Jay, Phil, Callum and Kathy are among those who say private goodbyes to her in her final moments.

Will Ben get this chance too, or will he arrive home too late?

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