EastEnders' Ben Mitchell makes secret phone call in Lola cancer story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Ben Mitchell has made a secret phone call to Lola Pearce-Brown's cancer specialist in EastEnders.

As Lola's condition continues to deteriorate, Ben has refused to admit that there's no miracle cure he can find to save the life of Lexi's mum.

The backdrop of Wednesday's (May 24) episode was Lola's baptism, as the dying mum had asked Reverend Mills to formally bless her to ensure she'd end up in heaven with daughter Lexi someday.

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Ben threw a wrench in the family's plans to gather around Lola's bedside for the baptism once he found out that Jay and Billy had been considering helping Lola end her life.

Viewers will remember that Lola ultimately decided she didn't want to go through with patient-assisted death because of the potential legal complications that Jay and Billy would face once she was gone.

Ben accused Jay and Billy of accepting Lola's diagnosis is terminal without looking for alternative treatments, though a heart-to-heart with dad Phil changed his mind.

Phil urged his son to support Lola because he regretted not accepting that his own mum Peggy Mitchell wanted to die on her own terms a few years ago.

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Ben did come to Lola's bedside for the baptism and later made peace with Jay over their many recent disagreements.

"I get it, what Billy and you were prepared to do," he assured Jay. "I'm just glad she changed her mind."

After saying his goodbye, Ben placed a secretary phone call to Lola's cancer specialist, Dr Washington, to beg for help.

"I've promised my daughter that Lola is going to be around in September, I need [the doctor] to help me make sure that happens," he asked.

Viewers know that next week will be the final days for Lola, with Ben likely to struggle in the wake of her passing because he's yet to accept that terminal diagnosis.

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