EastEnders: Ben is shocked to be arrested

Episode 6879

iPlayer release date: Monday 25 March 2024 at 06:00

BBC One airdate: Monday 25 March 2024 at 19:30

Callum tries to hide his disappointment when it's clear that Ben hasn't made any special plans to celebrate his birthday. When Jay, Lexi and Phil all step in, it's not long before Ben springs into action by organising a surprise birthday party for Callum.

Callum is pleased with the celebration but the day takes a turn for the worse when the police arrive to arrest Ben.

Meanwhile, Whitney is joined by Britney as she returns to the Square. Britney announces that Whitney is her new foster mum, which Whitney confirms. Zack ends up storming off, annoyed that Whitney didn't share the news with him first.

Elsewhere, Jean is suspicious over Dean and discovers that he has been administering Jade's medication. She ultimately finds the empty pill cases. Dean interrupts Jean as she's trying to take Jade back to the Slater house. He comes up with another cover story by placing the blame on Jean.

Also today, Ravi gets jealous over Priya's new romantic connection with Martin. Avani confides in Nugget about how she wants to get Priya and Ravi back together.

Finally, Amy confronts Denzel over his fitness obsession.

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