EastEnders' Bianca Jackson 'horrified' as Reiss Colwell 'caught red handed' with wife Debbie

Reiss visits Debbie but he has a surprise visitor during Monday's episode of EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders' Bianca Jackson has been left mortified after discovering Reiss Colwell has been using his wife's money to fund Sonia's IVF treatment. During Monday's trip to Albert Square (June 10), Sonia Jackson was trying to put on a brave face after discovering she had a blighted ovum and wasn't pregnant.

As fans of the BBC One soap will know, Reiss funded their IVF treatment after withdrawing money from his wife Debbie's bank accounts as she lay unconscious in a care home following a huge stroke some time ago. No-one knew of Reiss' deceit - until now.

The atmosphere at number 25 remained hostile as Bianca and Reiss continued to butt heads. Trying to protect her sister from more heartache, Bianca suggested that Sonia and Reiss put their IVF journey on hold.

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Sonia Fowler and Reiss Colwell in next week's EastEnders
Sonia Fowler and Reiss Colwell in EastEnders -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

But feeling heartbroken Sonia confirmed she wants to continue immediately and try again for a baby, and wanted extra treatment to increase the chances. Becoming desperate for money, Reiss tried to sell his broken car to Jay Brown which the salesman declined.

Reiss then tells Kat Slater that she didn't pay her February tax bill in the hope of securing the funds, but he soon regrets his idea as she proves that she had already handed over the cash. Not one to miss a trick, Bianca senses something is up after she speaks to Kat and Jay Brown in The Vic.

Meanwhile, Reiss visited his comatose wife and spoke of his failed IVF treatment with Sonia. While holding her hand, he said: "I need to take the rest of the money now Debs, to give us a better chance.

Bianca Jackson is left mortified in EastEnders
Bianca Jackson is left mortified in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

"And if it works, and we're lucky enough to have a baby, this will be the first place we will visit. I swear."

As Reiss spoke of his plans to take Debbie's money he was unaware that Bianca had followed him to the care home and was listening at the door. Looking like she had just seen a ghost, Bianca walks into Debbie's room and mutters 'Oh my god' as Reiss turns around shocked.

As Bianca catches Reiss red-handed confirming he is going to steal Debbie's money, will she tell Sonia? The story continues during Tuesday's episode.

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