EastEnders confirms more details on George Knight's mystery visitor

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed more about the mysterious woman from George Knight's court hearing.

First-look photos reveal that the woman George spotted with the prosecution in his father Eddie's racially-aggravated murder case will turn up at the Vic in Wednesday's (March 13) episode.

George has become convinced that this woman may be his mother, but he thought he'd missed his chance to meet her when she fled the courtroom.

Tuesday's (March 12) visit to Walford was an emotional one for George, as he weighed an ultimatum given by his adoptive father Eddie Knight.

george knight, elaine peacock and mysterious woman in eastenders
george knight and mysterious woman in eastenders

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Eddie had claimed he had information about George's birth mother, but would only hand it over if his son was a character witness for him in court.

After some advice from Johnny and Linda Carter, George arrived at the courtroom intent on revealing the truth about Eddie in front of a judge.

The Knights were all distracted by the appearance of a mysterious woman in court — the same woman who appears in the preview photos for Wednesday's episode.

Nevertheless, George pressed on with his statement on the witness stand, telling the judge about the ways his father had been abusive throughout his life.

Following the hearing, George noticed this mysterious woman sitting with the prosecution, but she rushed off before he ever got a chance to speak with her.

george knight and mysterious woman in eastenders

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George becomes convinced that this mysterious woman must be his birth mother, but will his suspicions be confirmed in the next episode?

Earlier this week, cast member Colin Salmon hinted at an emotional aftermath for George following his father Eddie's trial.

"George is a boxer, and he's been trained to be self-sufficient, so he's trying to deal with everything in his own head," the actor said.

"He's becoming isolated and self-contained, and it's very hard for George to ask for help. It's all becoming too much for him, but he knows where to go to let the pressure off – the boxing ring."

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