EastEnders confirms mystery character's identity in George Knight story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

George Knight has been reunited with a mysterious figure from his past in EastEnders.

The Vic barman had become convinced that his long-lost mother had turned up at adoptive father Eddie Knight's racially aggravated murder trial earlier this week.

In Tuesday's (March 13) episode, George worried that he'd lost his chance to reunite with the biological mother he'd never known.

He reached out to Johnny Carter to ask the lawyer to go beyond the bounds of the law to find out the identity of this woman. Johnny later turned up at the Vic to reveal to George that the woman was called Angela Lawal, which is a different surname than the one George had for his biological mother.

Cindy Beale and Elaine Peacock made a rare truce to support George, though they were all surprised when this mysterious woman showed up at the Vic.

george knight and mysterious woman in eastenders

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The confusion was soon cleared up when Angela Lawal clarified that she was not George's biological mother but one of her closest friends. Angela delivered tragic news that George's mum passed away only four months earlier.

Explaining some of George's backstory, Angela told him: "I know she fostered you out. She was young, she needed to focus on her studies… I think it hurt too much to talk about you."

Angela explained that George's mum was "sick for a long time", adding that she'd "battled but she passed away".

"It wasn't long after they found your dad's body. I think the shock, the guilt, took the fight out of her," Angela told him.

george knight, elaine peacock and mysterious woman in eastenders

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Angela recalled that George's parents had planned to reunite with him in Ghana once they set up their lives there, but were blocked from returning to the UK to get him.

"They fought all the way, for years," Angela recalled. "They won an appeal and your dad came over to collect you, but he never came home."

When George's dad failed to return to Ghana, his mum assumed he'd run off with the child to start a new life. In reality, George's biological father met a grisly end at the hands of Eddie Knight.

Angela did reveal that George has two brothers who are still alive, leaving the barman struggling with what he'd finally discovered.

Grappling with this shocking information about both his adoptive and biological parents, George walked off into the Square alone to end the episode.

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