EastEnders confirms why Nadine scammed Jay in baby story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Jay Brown has learned why Nadine Keller tried to scam him in EastEnders.

Earlier this week, Jay's stepdaughter Lexi Pearce teamed up with the returning Stevie Mitchell to prove that Nadine had been lying about her pregnancy all along.

Thursday's (May 2) episode opened up with Nadine trying to convince Jay and his family that her fake pregnancy bump was "not what it looks like".

"I knew you were a liar. You're sick," Lexi lashed out at Nadine.

Nadine tried to explain herself and apologise to Jay, but he turned his back on her. Stevie threw the money Nadine had tried to bribe him with on the floor.

nadine and jay in eastenders

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"Just in case the padding weren't enough," he told Nadine with a sneer.

Jay stood in silence as Nadine rushed out of the Vic, while Billy and the rest of the family tried to comfort him. He eventually stormed out of the pub on his own.

He decided to hear Nadine out and she explained how she'd been studying to get her law degree with her friend Olivia (who viewers have seen secretly meeting with Nadine).

Nadine revealed that Olivia was threatening to expose her past as a sex worker and drug user unless she's paid for her silence.

"She was going to ruin my life," Nadine claimed.

Jay wouldn't accept her explanation and threatened to call the police. He stopped short of calling the cops, but laughed in Nadine's face as she promised to pay him back.

Nadine tried to prove that her "sob story" was truthful, yet Jay was not interested in seeing any of her evidence.

"You can keep the money. Just go," he demanded.

jay and nadine in eastenders

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As Nadine turned to leave, she told Jay: "I'll never forgive myself for this. All of this."

Later, Billy and Phil tried to discourage Jay from going of the rails with alcohol, reminding him that Lexi needed him. They were shocked when Jay suggested Lexi would be "much better off" without him.

At the same time, Stevie crossed paths with Nadine on the Square. A tearful Nadine asked Stevie to ensure someone is caring for Jay.

"Sometimes, good people get hurt so much they forget [who they are]," Nadine told him.

Stevie would later find Jay about to relapse in the car lot by taking drugs with Ivy, a woman he met in Peggy's. He sent Ivy on her way and tried to talk to Jay about all of the trauma of the past year.

stevie and jay in eastenders

Stevie explained that the death of his son Charlie years ago led him down a similar spiral, so he wanted to put Jay straight before he went further down a dark road.

"You are good enough and it's not too late to remember that," Stevie insisted.

The episode concluded with Jay returning home to Lexi with Stevie in tow, thus giving Billy Mitchell second thoughts about cutting his father out of his life.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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