EastEnders' Dean Wicks steals money in latest evil plot

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Dean Wicks has sunk to a new low in his latest EastEnders plot.

The villain has been desperately trying to cover his tracks over deliberately keeping his daughter Jade sick so that she cannot move to Pakistan with her mother.

Jean Slater discovered he'd been messing with Jade's medication last week, only for Dean to blackmail her into leaving Walford by turning the accusation around on her.

Harvey Monroe has since become determined to prove Dean's evil deeds, leading to the baddie posting a slanderous message about Harvey online.

chelsea and dean in eastenders

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Chelsea Fox was among those to vouch for Harvey, though she also ultimately gave Dean a new idea by suggesting he move away with Jade and her mum Shabnam Kazemi.

"You used to have dreams. Now you're just a nasty, pathetic version of yourself," she told him. "Delete the post before anyone else sees it, and sort your life out, Dean."

Dean's tactic had failed to work, and he decided to delete the message in Wednesday's (April 3) episode, but he still wasn't ready to let go of Jade.

He decided the best way for him to stay close to Jade was to sell his interest in Beale's Eels and move away with her to Pakistan.

However, Dean was furious after the Beales low-balled his request to buy him out, rejecting their offer of only £10,000.

Instead, Dean decided he'd meddle with his daughter's fundraising money to get the cash he'd need to move to Pakistan.

chelsea and dean in eastenders

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Dean went about secretly stealing the cash from Jade's fundraising account, though he certainly didn't tell his daughter what he was up to.

Will Dean be caught out for his latest evil act?

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