EastEnders' Denise and Stacey caught out over Christmas Day

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Denise Fox and Stacey Slater have seemingly been caught out over their involvement in the Christmas Day whodunit in EastEnders.

The duo have been scrambling for months, along with their four friends, to conceal that Linda Carter accidentally killed Keanu Taylor as he attacked Sharon Watts.

Tuesday's (April 2) episode saw The Six discover that they were all in danger of being caught following Sharon's arrest.

The floor at the café had caved in overnight, and Suki's son Vinny Panesar was making plans to relay the foundation.

Because this would almost certainly lead to the discovery of Keanu's corpse under the floorboards (along with Denise's "D" necklace), Suki initially tried to convince her son to hold off.

stacey slater and denise fox in eastenders

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However, Suki soon realised her actions looked suspicious, especially since her estranged husband Nish already thinks there was more to the story of Christmas Day. She ultimately backed off and let Vinny move ahead with his plans.

Denise understandably was paranoid about whether this latest setback would lead to her being implicated in Keanu's death, so she started packing to leave Walford.

There was an unlikely meeting between Denise and Stacey Slater — who has been having an affair with her husband Jack Branning — where Stacey begged Denise not to run away. The duo devised a risky plan where they'd knick Bernie Taylor's café keys, so they could sneak in and remove the incriminating necklace.

jack branning in eastenders

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"Stacey, thank you," Denise told her unlikely ally.

Just before the pair could bust through the collapsed floor, they were shocked to see Jack walking into the cafe.

"Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?" a suspicious Jack asked.

Will Denise and Stacey finally confess what they've done?

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