EastEnders drama escalates as Bianca Jackson uncovers Reiss Colwell's dark secrets

BBC EastEnders fans predict death twist for soap legend after shock secret is exposed
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Reiss Colwell's situation in EastEnders appears to be dire, and according to fans of the show, it could prove fatal for one character.

Bianca Jackson, a Walford legend played by Patsy Palmer, has been highly critical of Sonia Fowler's boyfriend since her return to Albert Square, believing her sister deserves better, especially as she was expecting their first child.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) recently discovered she wasn't actually pregnant, but this hasn't deterred her from considering another round of IVF.

On Monday (June 10, 2024), the much-loved nurse encouraged Reiss (Jonny Freeman) to raise the necessary funds, putting him in a difficult position as Sonia was unaware that he had stolen the money they used for their first IVF attempt from his comatose wife, Debbie, without her permission.

A desperate Reiss went to great lengths to secure the money needed to keep Sonia happy, even trying to sell a faulty car to Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick). In another bid to gather the IVF funds, Reiss approached Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), pretending she'd forgotten to pay him for a previous job - but she quickly saw through his scheme, reports the Mirror.

Frustrated, Jay and Kat complained about Reiss in The Vic, in front of a dismayed Bianca who was set on finding out what he was really up to. Bianca was led straight to the hospital, where she spotted Reiss letting Debbie know he would be using the rest of her money, making the most of her comatose state to steal it all from her.

BBC One viewers at home took to X, otherwise known as Twitter, certain that Bianca could be killed off as one penned: "Evil Reiss is the move. Less of this embarrassing cringe nerdiness, make him bludgeon our Bianca with his tuba."

Another pleaded: "Reiss if you have a dark side that everyone believes you have please please please kill Bianca and give us some freedom."

And while a third TV watcher didn't believe that Reiss would kill Bianca, they were sure his secret would cause a massive rift between her and sister Sonia - and it could motivate Bianca from leaving Walford to support her daughter Whitney Dean in Milton Keynes. The question is - Will she tell Sonia and will Sonia believe her?

This will lead to Bianca's exit now.

Sonia won't believe her and will tell Bianca to leave Walford to support Whitney", the fan wrote."

Another viewer exclaimed: "OMG Bianca heard everything Reiss was saying to Debbie", while another fan humorously suggested: "I think Reiss needs to contact his friends from MI9 to take care of Bianca."

It's reported that Patsy Palmer returned to her role mainly due to Whitney Dean's departure and has been quite active since. Notably, she pleaded for her job back at the cafe before getting involved with Junior Knight.

She also kept the affair between Zack Hudson and Lauren Branning under wraps, until the rebellious teen Britney spilled the beans to Whitney. Now, the question arises: is Bianca heading towards a dramatic exit?