EastEnders fans distracted by Sharon's transformation as she flirts with hunk

Sharon Watts is told by the police that she is going to be arrested for murder in EastEnders
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EastEnders viewers have been left swooning over Sharon Watts' glamorous makeover in the latest episodes on BBC One, now streaming on iPlayer.

Viewers watched as Sharon turned heads when she welcomed new bloke Teddy Mitchell to Walford in Thursday's episode (July 4), who didn't shy away from turning on the charm.

After a rowdy evening at the Boxing Den left the Mitchells hungover and the place in shambles, Sharon was none too pleased to find her gym in disarray and she let Teddy know it with her trademark sass.

Confronting the newcomer, she demanded, "Are you the reason my gym is a mess", clearly showing she meant business.

Teddy's cheeky response was met with little patience from Sharon, who quickly put him in his place, saying sternly: "Do not call me darling! ", reports the Daily Star.

Attempting to regain some favour, Teddy softens his approach and admits, "I'm sorry babe, I'm just trying to explain. There was a reunion with the Mitchells and well a lot of catching up to do."

Sharon isn't having any of it as she snaps back about the beer cans and pizza boxes littering her gym, insisting that they get everything cleaned up pronto.

Later, Teddy tries to win over Sharon by asking her out for a drink at The Queen Vic, confidently telling her that he has managed to tidy the mess.

Sharon coldly rejects his advances with a "You're wasting your time", but Teddy persists, playfully suggesting, "I haven't tried yet. Let me buy you a drink, and then decide. One drink now where is the harm in that."

As Sharon and Teddy turned on the charm in EastEnders, many couldn't help but notice Sharon's fresh hair look. The soap legend sported a modified blonde hue with soft curls draping over her shoulders.

Teddy asks Sharon out for a drink
Teddy asks Sharon out for a drink

Twitter was abuzz with comments from fans who couldn't get enough of the makeover. One viewer gushed, "Need a one-hander just about Sharon and this hair. I'm obsessed. #EastEnders."

Another couldn't contain their admiration: "The way Tish Dean rocked up in two scenes purely to serve high camp - we are not worthy #EastEnders."

Comments kept rolling in with a third posting, "Sharon's hair is giving OMG #EastEnders", and another fan echoing the sentiment: "Letitia Dean: serving high camp as Sharon Watts since 198ificent."

Meanwhile, other fans of the show are rooting for a romance between Teddy and Sharon, with remarks like: "Sharon and Teddy are definitely gonna be a thing #eastenders." and "I'm here for Sharon and Teddy. Can see the chemistry already #EastEnders", being shared by eager fans.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer